Special Announcements

2nd Annual Client Appreciation Day

We will hosting our FIRST ANNUAL pet costume contest during our Client Appreciation Day.  Dogs: Come dressed in your costumes, Cats: email photo submission to [email protected] no later than October 15, 2019.  Winner in each category will receive an annual exam and vaccines!

Appreciation Day

A Note About Dr. Meyer

After 30 years of practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Meyer will be stepping away from the hospital. Dr. Meyer has been an asset to Fischer Animal Hospital since 1989.  She has been invaluable with the transition of ownership from Dr. Fischer to Dr. Mike. She has touched the lives of many pets and clients.  If you would like to send a card of thanks for everything she has done, we would be more than happy to pass those on to her. We wish Dr. Meyer all the best in her future endeavors.  

A Letter From Dr. Anita Fischer

June 25, 2018

To My Dear Clients,

It has been my pleasure to serve you for the past thirty years, as your family veterinarian, and an honor providing for all your pets' health care needs.  I have had the privilege of meeting many great patients and their families, and developing lifelong friendships with many of you.  But now it is time for me to retire, and I do so with mixed emotions.

As of June 27, 2018, I will close on the selling of Fischer Animal Hospital to Dr. Mike Richards.  He is a 2009 graduate of the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine, and owns Arch Animal Hospital in West St. Louis County.  I am very comfortable turning the practice over to Dr. Richards.

Dr. Meyer, the current staff, and Dr. Richards will continue to provide the compassionate and knowledgeable veterinary care you have come to expect from Fischer Animal Hospital.

Over the past forty six years, I have cared for the pets in many families.  I appreciate your loyalty throughout the years, and I will take those memories into my retirement.  If I do not see you before my departure on June 25, 2018, I wish you health and happiness.


Dr. Anita Fischer

Canine Influenza Outbreak

April 16, 2015 

As of Wednesday, April 22, the canine influenza H3N8 vaccine will be available at Fischer Animal Hospital. We will be recommending this vaccine to any patients that attend dog parks, kennels, groomers, training classes (group or individual) or are otherwise exposed to other dogs outside of the household. The new strain (H3N2) does not have a vaccine yet but it is advised that the H3N8 strain has been detected as well in the recent outbreak. Please be aware that the H3N8 vaccine may NOT be effective against the H3N2 strain – research is still in progress as to the effectiveness of the old vaccine.  If your dog has had the flu vaccine in the past then only 1 booster is needed. If this is the first time receiving the booster then a 2nd one must be administered within 2-3 weeks for full effectiveness.

Other information regarding the virus:

1) Cats are also susceptible to infection from the new H3N2 strain - no vaccine is available. 

2) Pets may be asymptomatic (show no signs of illness) for first 4 days after infection - they are most contagious during the first 4-7 days even when no symptoms are present.  

3) Symptoms: Persistent cough, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, no appetite.  Vomiting and diarrhea may or may not be present.

4) The only way to confirm the flu virus is through special testing with a lab.  Please keep in mind many other upper respiratory viruses may mimic the flu.

Please contact our office with any questions or for a price quote.

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